Get started

Getting started with GuiDE application framework. Here you can find a short introduction with instructions how to get started application development with GuiDE application framework.

Setting up Environment

Creating you project

  • Start Android Studio
  • File->New->Project (Select Basic or Empty Activity from Choose your project window)
  • Configure your project (Set name, package name, save location, language and minimum API level)
  • Get GuiDE-1.0.4.aar, GuiDE-tools.aar and offline_sdk.aar files from this location
  • Copy downloaded aar file into the project libs folder
  • Add next lines into the dependencies block inside build.gradle file
    implementation(name: "GuiDE-1.0.4-release", ext: 'aar')
    implementation(name: "offline_sdk-release", ext: 'aar')
    implementation(name: "GuiDE-tools-release", ext: 'aar')
  • Start using GuiDE framework APIs

Start using offline sdk

  • Download offline server data content from here:
  • Default location where offline data need to be pushed is Downloads folder
    (adb push channels /storage/self/primary/Download)
  • Initialize OfflineSdk module by calling OfflineSdk.get().init()
  • Start using OfflineSdk module and his handlers by calling get method OfflineSdk.get().getBackendHandler().

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