Our mission

GuiDE is a suite of libraries, tools and guidance to help developers write high-quality Android apps easier. These components help you to create high quality and robust apps very fast and very easy.

What is Guide?

  • Java framework developed as in-house product of Iwedia to improve application development process
  • Used as an abstraction layer to separate business logic from graphical interface
  • Used as starting point of any Android application with TV functionalities

Why select GuiDE?

Separation of buisiness logic and presentation layer

In Android TV ecosystem it is positioned as an abstraction layer of middleware, backend and all low-level layers

Better time-2-market faster application development

Offers a list of APIs needed for TV application development as well as a set of libraries and utilities which may be used to speed up development process

Parallel feature implementation

Simultaneous feature development on a PC
or a target platform

Android agnostic

Framework written in Java and reusable on multiple Android flavors (AOSP or Android TV)

Platform agnostic

Easy to use even on a PC or emulator

Source code reusability

Once feature is implemented in one project it can easily be used in another

Feature List

  • Easy setup with Android Studio
  • Graphics optimizations
  • Backend abstraction APIs
  • TV middleware abstraction APIs
  • Platform and PC development
  • Offline and Online sample backend


Guide Dev Environment

  • Android Studio
  • Sample Project
  • GuiDE tests
  • Documentation

Our Clients and Partners